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    5 FADE
    ADDISON VALENTINO Singing at St. Christopher & St. Patrick Lunch at Kolping
    St. Patrick's Cementery Veteran's Memorial St. Patrick's cementery Veteran's Memorial renovation has been completed. Thank you to Margaret Mckeon for her vision to include all seven servicemen from Verplanck who lost their lives fighting for our country during war time. Thank you to Bill Stump for suppling all the information regarding those servicemen. Thank you to Mary Jane Everett for tireless effort in soliciting donations to fund this project. Thank you to Linda Puglisi and the Town Board, Sean Murray and the American legion and Bill Stump for their generous donations. Thank you to Tom Hall foe cleaning the original marker in the memorial. Thank you to Bobby Feensta for constructing the new memorial. Thank yu to the Shubert Family for donating the new flagpole for the American flag. But, most importantly thanks to John J. Alexander, william J. Boyle, William J Foster, Patrick McGuire, Charles Minor Jr., Edward Puhala, and Joseph Wallace and their families.
    Thanksgiving Lunch in the Parish Hall
    50/50 Raffle At Our Thanksgiving Lunch